5 Reasons Why 360° Performance Evaluations Build Stronger Teams 7/19/2019
A 360° Performance Evaluation is a professional feedback opportunity that enables a group of coworkers to provide feedback regarding a team member’s performance. 360° reviews include feedback from not only the team member’s direct supervisor but also peers/ other team members, subordinates and clients.
3 Ways Tech Contractors Can Document Their Impact 11/1/2018
Building a positive reputation that encourages repeat business and premium billing rates has always been difficult for tech contractors who travel from one gig to another. ASHVINS Group and StaffingScore are featured in a career related news story from Dice that covers ways technical contractors can document their impact.
ASHVINS presents “StaffingScore” at eMerge Americas – Press Release 4/24/2018
The ASHVINS Group, Inc. presents StaffingScore at a meeting associated with eMerge Americas. StaffingScore is a new product in the Temporary Staffing and Recruiting Industry that targets a specific pain point in the IT segment - the quality of service provided by IT contractors. StaffingScore is an online system providing 360° performance evaluations for IT contractors.
StaffingScore Targets the IT Temporary Staffing Industry – Press Release 11/28/2017
The ASHVINS Group, Inc. announces the Beta Test release of a new application, StaffingScore, targeting the Temporary Staffing and Recruiting Industry. StaffingScore is the ONLY application that addresses a void in the Temporary Staffing Industry – a means to measure and document the quality of a contractor’s work performance.
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